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SalesLeap founders Christian and Greg first met in 2005 as early hires of the pre-revenue service company Audigy Group. Together, they helped build its sales and service model, ultimately accountable to INC 500/5000 recognized revenue growth to 30M ARR. The company exited in 2016 at a 151M valuation. Christian soon moved to Silicon Valley to head up sales at a digital health startup, and Greg served as VP of Operations for a large veterinary aggregator. Together, their collective business journies and relationship as colleagues sparked what eventually became the ethos of SalesLeap.

SalesLeap's own highly effective sales process is what it teaches to it's members. You'll have the unique benifit of learning from our own battle-tested out-bound sales system. Very few companies can say they practice what they preach.

Passion for helping companies grow and succeed runs deep within the SalesLeap team and culture. From the SDRs to the Member Success Leaders to the Leadership Team, everyone at SalesLeap has a genuine interest in supporting founders and helping them achieve their vision.

Ultimately, your B2B sales journey to success is our obsession.

Before SalesLeap, Aaron was a part of three separate startups, focusing on marketing and business development. Aaron’s passion for sales and entrepreneurship gives him a wide variety of outreach experiences to social media influencers, venture capitalists, and more. Outside of work, he enjoys biking and watching the Minnesota Vikings.


sales operations associate

Lauren found her love of sales through the example of her father. Growing up with entrepreneurial parents, the power of networking and relationship building became ingrained in her at a young age. Lauren’s entire life has revolved around making friends wherever she goes. Her love of adventure and travel has taken her all around the globe. When she’s not working, you’ll find her enjoying good food, good company, and great music



Currently residing in Austin, TX, Donika grew her roots in Boston, MA, where she spent most of her life. She prides herself as a die-hard Boston sports fan. Donika’s ten years of sales experience have allowed her to move across the country and start a new life in Texas. She has a variety of sales experience, from working in retail sales to inbound and outbound sales. She is an active person and loves the outdoors. When she is not working, you can find her hiking with her dogs, skateboarding, or spending time with her fiance and friends.


Sales Strategist

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Justin lives with his wife and labradoodle Tioga. Justin has a vast sales background selling everything from phonebook advertising to cybersecurity. When Justin isn’t in the office, you will likely find him on the golf course, on his fishing boat, or playing bass guitar with his band. He is a collector of fine bourbon, an aspiring Pit Master, and a die-hard Wisconsin sports fan. GO PACK GO!



Mike began his professional career as an entrepreneur, a modern-day nomad, starting a digital marketing company in northern Connecticut. After earning multiple degrees in Information Systems and Marketing, he quickly left the East Coast to explore the Rocky Mountains. He spent most of his early twenties in Boulder, Aspen, Breckenridge, and Jackson Hole. Mike is continually jumping between beautiful areas of the country, doing just about every outdoor activity he can find.




Based in beautiful Bend, Oregon, Brett has a rich work history that has given him a broad perspective of both entrepreneurship and corporate experience. He spent his twenties in a Director of Sales position. He spent his thirties conquering entrepreneurship by building the largest event bartending company in Oregon. He brings with him a wealth of experience from sales & marketing to business development & operations.


Chad has had over 20 years of experience marketing and growing companies, from seedlings to successful companies. His career has covered a variety of disciplines including B2B services, media, branded entertainment, and even film/commercial production. Chad has had the pleasure of working closely with a wide variety of global brands on their mission to create unique and memorable marketing campaigns. From Colorado and based in Jackson, Wyoming, Chad enjoys life near nature with his family. 



Greg has worked for, or founded, a variety of successful companies: from billion-dollar, multi-national organizations to pre-revenue startups.

As a VP, Greg helped scale his last two companies to nine and ten-figure liquidity events. With 20 years of sales, marketing, and operations experience, Greg’s unique set of skills enables him to contribute significantly to a business culture, while creating a positive impact on the bottom line.


coo + co-founder

Christian is a serial startup executive who has led growth for pre-revenue services and technology startups through funding and profitability. The first company he helped build was acquired for $151M in 2016, and the latest Silicon Valley startup is in Series C venture growth mode. As one of the first employees of these organizations, Christian knows the uncertainty that growth leaders face and what it takes to realize your vision: a SalesLeap.

Recognized by Tony Robbins as the world’s #1 Business Mastery Team Leader in 2018, founders around the world seek Christian’s mentorship to ignite their revenue momentum and build scalable, predictable systems that support a transformative SalesLeap. 

ceo + co-founder



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